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Yanagihara Church in Central District

Name of Church: Yanagihara Church in Central District (a historic monument)
Address: No. 119, Xingzhong Street, Central District, Taichung City
Brief introduction: Yanagihara Church (formerly known as East Dadun Preaching House) started preaching at the present site in 1898 and acquired the land in 1915 (the 4th year of Taisho) for building construction. Following the design pattern of an England church provided by Rev. Campbell N. Moody, the Yanagihara Church was constructed of local red bricks and firs and other building material but in Scottish Church style. Completed in October of 1916 (the 5th year of Taisho), it began its service in the following year under the official name of Taichung Church. In 1965, a new Gothic Church was added in the south side of the original building and the Church has since been renamed as Yanagihara Church. In 1998, to celebrate its centennial anniversary, a few construction projects were added, including the underground car park, classrooms for Sunday School, offices, and Pastor Hall. The old Yanagihara Church is in a simple rectangular shape, called the "Basilika" plane, which is the basic form of the early Christian church and is renowned for its reasonable spacing, good lighting, and excellent view. As a best example for Christian church, the Yanagihara Church features its hall-style flat, large arched windows at the façade, buttresses on the two side walls, arched windows and hexagonal windows in between pillars, and overall brick decoration with locally stone-washed surface. On the eaves of the entrance porch are sculptured two unicorn outlets, each squatting on the left and the right side. It is a special fusion of local and Western flavor.
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