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Police Department kicks off security maintaining tasks for 2013 Chinese New Year

  • Date: 2018-02-14
  • Issued by: Police Department

The Task for Maintaining Security during 2013 Chinese New Year started from 22:00, January 31 and will end at 24:00 February 24, lasting for 25 days. Work contents will focus on "steady public order", "smooth traffic", and "enthusiastic service".

To ensure a safe and happy Spring Festival for every citizen, Taichung City Government Police Department has mobilized the police, the military police, the vigilante, the civil defense units, the neighborhood watch, and volunteers. All of them vow to give the general public a "steady public order, smooth traffic, and enthusiastic service" during the Lunar New Year by strengthening the following services:

A. Help maintain household security for our citizens (including the aliens) who go out traveling.

B. Set up the "mobile" police stations.

C. Protect people in depositing and/or withdrawing cash.

D. Assist missing persons to return home for reunion.

E. Provide community services together with private organizations.

People are urged to pay attention to the following household safety tips:

A. Residential burglary prevention:

1. Check and lock the doors and windows when going out or before going to bed.

2. Do not place valuables in a prominent location but collect them properly. If possible, mark them with secret signs or write down their characteristics and types. You can even number them or photo them as evidence.

3. If you have any anti-theft device at home, make best use of it and maintain it frequently.

4. It does not cost you much to install an antitheft device on the doors and/or windows but the act is very helpful.

5. When going out or traveling, arrange your house to look as if there is someone at home and avoids letting strangers know that nobody is at home.

6. Report any burglary case, even if your loss is very minimum. If you do not report the case, the thief may think you are an easy target and come back for more.

7. Report and ask the responsible unit to immediately repair any public lighting or case-reporting devices if you find it or them damage in failure.

8. If possible, try to change your daily behavior and working habits to prevent your fixed life patterns from being taken advantage of by thieves.

9. When installing iron gates and windows, make sure you have considered the escape way, too. Select thick iron gates or windows and install them from the inside to the outside without leaving space.

B. Burglary prevention tips for department stores and supermarkets:

1. Staff should stay in vigilance when there are large crowds especially during holidays.

2. Install a CCTV or mirror at an appropriate place.

3. When the clerk leaves the counter to get a uniform invoice for the customer, watch out for possible theft.

4. Install a burglar alarm at the cashier and the press button must be set at an appropriate spot.

5. When hiring an employee, pay attention to his/ her integrity to avoid embezzlement.

6. Post warning signs inside the company or give explicit incentive for reporting a case so as to deter guests from pilfering.

7. Watch out for the guy keeping on talking to the clerk, he or she may attempt to detract the clerk’s attention and steal.

8. Strengthen the attitude of service crew to avoid any retaliatory larceny behavior.

9. Take note of the anti-theft measures in power blackout.

10. Watch out for children who may be used to steal.

11. Watch out for any unexpected event. If people are arguing loudly, guard against diversion of attention.

12. Ask the customer to put his or her handbag on the cloakroom shelves before entering the supermarket.

13. Set up special counters to sell valuables that can be easily concealed.

14. Arrange plainclothes officers to patrol the inside like a client.

15. Before closing, thoroughly check every corner, especially the toilets and storeroom. Do not leave any chance for a thief to hide and steal at night.

16. When closing, make sure to securely lock all the doors and windows.

17. After closing, station someone for night watch.

  • Date : 2013-02-18
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