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Construction of MRT˙BRT Starts in Phases!「Iron Police」 Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Fleet is on for Traffic Control!

  • Date: 2018-02-14
  • Issued by: Police Department

The construction of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) of this city has already begun in phases. To reduce the impact of the construction to traffic, The Taichung City Police Department has applied several correspondent control processes; among those, the most eye-attracting move is the “Iron Police” heavy-duty motorcycle fleet with efficient service and high mobility! Through reinforced traffic control plans, the traffic order is effectively maintained and the traffic condition is further improved.


Such major traffic constructions, MRT and BRT of this city are under construction and therefore affect the traffic in many important boulevards such as Taiwan Boulevard and Wenxin Road. To correspond with the traffic impact along the construction, the Traffic Police Corps of this city has proposed several correspondent procedures like reviewing police arrangement irregularly, reinforcing the traffic police duty actively, increasing patrol intensity, arranging traffic control duties, bringing forward or extending the traffic relief control times and scheduling 34 stations, employing 46 policemen and 28 voluntary traffic wardens during rush hours on weekday mornings and afternoons. The precincts along the construction roads are requested for subsequent checks and the construction units are urged to carry out related procedures based on the traffic maintenance plan for drivers’ safety. On the other hand, to fully maintain the traffic quality and improve the implementation efficiency and carry out the goal of rapid and complete services during the construction period, the 1st Branch, Traffic Police Corps has organized a tough and friendly “iron police” heavy-duty motorcycle fleet with 2-4 policemen to patrol the construction area during rush hours in the morning and afternoon. They report of illegal construction, provide immediate handling and reports of traffic accidents or persuade, report, assist reporting and eliminate chaotic conditions resulted from violation of traffic regulations. The novel iron police fleet contributes a new spotlight and elegant demeanor to the busy Taiwan Boulevard.


Mr. Wu, The captain of Traffic Police Corps suggested citizens take mass transportation and avoid illegal parking over the construction line for public safety and face the hardship together. The captain will continuously ask traffic police to make all-out effort to maintain safe and unimpeded traffic during the MRT and BRT construction period for citizens’ rights of traffic.

  • Date : 2013-12-06
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