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Police-Community LINE Group Helps the Residents

  • Date: 2018-02-14
  • Issued by: Police Department

Taichung City Government recently received an email requesting Mayor Lin Chia-Lung to commend police officer Lin of Jian Kang Police Station, 3rd Precinct, Taichung City Police Department for his helping to clear illegally-parked cars at the ramp for the disabled at Fu-ping Bridge, Fu-ping Village, South District.

On July 18th, police officer Lin saw a message on the LINE Group of the neighborhood chiefs of Fu-ping Village, South District which implicated that the residents in Fu-ping Village must pass the Fu-ping Bridge to reach Park Lane (綠園道) to take a walk and/or do sports there in the evening. However, the ramp of the bridge for the disabled was often blocked by illegally parked cars, which forced the elderly on wheelchairs to risk their lives to detour to high-speed traffic lanes.

Learning the above situation, police officer Lin took the initiative to patrol the area and persuade the car owners to follow the traffic rules. The blocks on the bridge were thus cleared within just one week and many residents in Fu-ping Village posted the story on their LINE group. Some even wrote emails to the Mayor’s Mailbox requesting the mayor to praise the good deeds of Lin. In fact, 3rd Precinct has already given Lin an administrative reward.

Receiving a thank-you email from the Mayor’s Mailbox, Lin admitted that he was “very touched” and said what he had done was his responsibility as a police officer. He also said that he would think of this good experience to cheer himself up when he encounter setbacks in the future.

To make closer relationships between the police and the community, the 3rd Precinct has been pilot-testing the Police-Community LINE Group campaign since mid-July. Police officers could join the LINE Group to provide information concerning social order for further understanding of the residents. It is beyond the expectations that the LINE Group worked in such short time, and the police would continue to maintain good relationships with the residents.

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