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How can a Taiwanese husband transfer a piece of land to his Thai spouse? What documents must he prepare? Any restrictions?

Ans: A letter released by Ministry of Interior on August 8, 2003 explained that "according to the principle of equity and reciprocity stated in Article 18 of Land Act, Thai nationals or legal persons are allowed to acquire land rights in Taiwan for residence or investment purposes”. Moreover, Article 17 of Land Act regulates that the following land shall not be transferred to, used as collateral by, or leased to foreigners: Land for forestry, hunting reserves, salt plants, mineral deposits exploitation, water resources, military base and areas, and land adjacent to the national frontiers.

Procedures: Foreign nationals purchasing real estate are required to submit the following documents to the Land Registration Office where the land is located:

  1. Application form for land registration

  2. Contract of sale and purchase

  3. Land ownership certificate

  4. Identification documents of obligor and obliger of land rights

  5. Tax payment or tax exemption documents (e.g. land value increment tax or tax on land ownership registration)

  6. Certificate of zoning for land use (Applicants do not need to submit if the land is non-urban.)

  7. Authorization document (Attach it if individual is unable to apply personally)

  8. Other documents of evidence required according to the provisions of the Central Land Administration

  9. If you still have any question, please state the facts in detail and contact the Land Office where your land is located.

  • Data update: 2018-02-14
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-28
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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