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Persons Prohibited from Participation in Civil Service Examinations

In accordance with Article 12 of Civil Service Examinations Act, persons under any one of the categories below may not sit an examination for civil service:
1. Any person convicted of offences against internal or external security since the end of the period of mobilization for the suppression of Communist rebellion, or whose lawsuits of such remain open.
2. Any person convicted of graft or corruption-related offences while in civil service position, or whose lawsuits of such remain open;
3. Any persons with active attainders.
4. Any persons who are under a judicial interdiction that has not yet been lifted.
Any person whose employment in the civil service has been suspended, and who subsequently qualifies in a civil service examination, may not be allocated or assigned to a civil service position during the period of said suspension.

Mr. Luo Jia-lun, Human Resource Division, Department of Personnel (telephone extension 17209)
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  • Publish Date: 2015-11-03
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