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2017 Taichung Arts Festival – -Eye Catching Circus “A Blooming Life”

  • Date: 2018-08-02
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2017 Taichung Arts Festival – -Eye Catching Circus “A Blooming Life”
2017 Taichung Arts Festival – -Eye Catching Circus “A Blooming Life”

Being the latest work of Eye Catching Circus year, “A Blooming Life” is a comprehensive urban fable that fuses modern circus and multimedia images on stage. In the performance, folk art, circus acrobatics, modern dance, drama are integrated to create innovative performing syntax. The variations present the scenes of the new generation. In addition to dance, contortion, human pyramid, acrobatics, drama, silk hanging, handstand, and more, it also works with composers, visual artists, and more to perform this crossover show, fusing senses with music in this performance. At the story unveil, Taichung spirit and the aesthetic of the era are delineated, constituting the legacy of souls now and then. With the city flower-Taiwan cherry, city tree-Taiwan pine, and city bird- White-eared Sibia as elements, they are blended into the development and texture of the plot. With the finale connected to the preface, it communicates the idea of the coming of the New Year and the continuation of life. With the dialog between the past and present, it presents profound meanings. The performance of Eye Catching Circus is suitable for the entire family, presenting you unforgettable and profound shows.

This show will be performed at 7:30 pm, October 27 (Fri). Venue: Small Theatre, National Taichung Theater. Ticket: NT$ 600, sold at Arts Ticket

Enquiry: 0921-927-476

  • Date : 2017-10-20
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