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2017 Taichung Arts Festival – Panyu Puppet Show Troupe Dazhuang Mazu Expels the Drought Demon •Pray for Falling Rain

  • Date: 2018-08-02
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

About the troupe
Established in 1974, Panyu Puppet Show Troupe was previously the Third Sheng Wu Joug Hand Puppetry Troupe. With Mr. Huang Hai-tai as the grand master, the members learned from Mr. Lin Chiung-chi, being the third generation of “Wu Chou Puppetry” They inherited the essence of puppetry show in the aspects of drama, literature, storytelling, philosophy, puppet maneuvering, carving, music, and painting. They are worthy of the praise of “presenting the cosmos of puppetry art with eight skills.”
With the revolution in its form because of the environment and current conditions, in Taiwan hand puppetry is attempting to improve its declining traditional arts. They endeavor to refine the skills in “identifying the five tones”, inventing the carving technique of “one knife school”, studying many musical instruments to “conserve the tradition”, and integrating with digital technology to design and make innovation to continue the cultural legacy, being one of the only few multi-talented hand puppetry troupe.

In 2017 it was honored as an outstanding performance troupe in Taichung City. In the past years, it has been invited by cultural units, schools, and more to perform puppetry show and to teach puppetry art in seminars. It has even toured to America, China, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and more to conduct academic exchange and develop our traditional culture.

The Director, Wang Wen-sheng: performance of folk titles, instruction in campus, traditional literary and stunt scenes, huge puppet with audio-visual effects, and more. It has dedicated for the rooting of traditional performing arts – “hand puppetry” for four decades in Taichung area to develop a local, individual, and unique creative culture industry. Our endeavor has won the honor of “multi-talented performers.”

About the program
“Dazhuang Mazu” from Taichung Haotian Temple migrated to Taiwan with the explorers, who sailed cross the black duct (Taiwan Strait) to explore the land. Escorting and protecting the ancestors that sailed across the sea, it had transformed into the goddess that blessed the local residents. Gradually, it had become a major religious center along the Coast Line in Taichung.

In 1847, the Circuit Intendant of Taiwan – Xu Zong-gan was appointed to govern Taiwan. He appointed officials to administer, revive literature and education, reform naval administration, regulate the Green Camp soldiers, and update the criminal list. During his office, there was a draught in central Taiwan, and corps could hardly grow. People were in severe hardship. The governor Xu Zong-gan found it very difficult to find remedies. His friend Liu Yi-quan told him the during the voyage across the black duct, Mazu showed herself to save the people so that they could arrive in Taiwan safely. He also heard that there was a “Mazu’s house” in Wuqi. People should bath to cleanse themselves and eat vegan dishes. Prepared themselves, they should pray to “Dazhuang Mazu” to request her to bring them rainfall.

To save people from the draught, Mazu showed herself among people in the disguise of Taiwan Cherry Taoist. She gave a plan to the Governor Xu Zong-gan, and sent Clairvoyant and Clairaudience to investigate the reason of this natural disaster. They discovered there was a thousand-year old “cat demon” who disguised in the form of sunshine dragon monk and thousand-year old zombie. They took the chance of people in trouble and lured them to go astray. As a result, demons and obstruction gathered to make the world the purgatory.

Therefore, Mazu led Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, and the water fairies to join Governor Xu to wipe out the demon, and invite rainfall. Later, “Dazhuang Mazu” always shows her tremendous power to protect lives. Every time when people pray to, she always answers people’s prayer and bring rain to bless Taichung to be harmonious in weather and sufficient in rainfall. Therefore, people always called her “diving Mazu.”

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm, November 18, 2017 (Sat)
Venue: Shopping Mall, Dragon Valley Hotel and Paradise (138, Section 1, Dongguan Road, Heping District, Taichung City 424)
Admission: Free

  • Date : 2017-11-15
  • Hit: 393