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Gongjianer (Xidadun) Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Museum

Xidadun Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall is also known as Taichung City Eco-Friendly Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Museum which is donated to the City Government by private foundations. The multi-function museum combining history, culture, and sustainable ecology to be used for community events is planned to open in 2020. The Museum is located in the Xidadun Park with a total area of 2.7 hectares. The Park includes the Xidadun cultural relics that has existed for 4000 years. The main unearthed cultural artifact is “Three Circle Cup.” Therefore, the design of the Museum incorporates the image of the Three Circle Cup and includes ecological green walls with pre-historical cultural symbols to present the expectation of connecting the past and the current and promoting sustainable development. The building includes one underground floor and two above-ground floors. The total floor area is about 2669 square meters. The building adopts green building design that is energy-efficient, carbon-reducing, and eco-friendly. By including multi-layer exterior walls, ecological green walls, natural and passive ventilation, roof greening to reducing temperature, the Museum becomes a landmark building that shows Taichung City values sustainable development. In the future, the Museum can combine interior exhibition and natural ecological relic park to provide a multi-functional space.

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  • Publish Date: 2018-08-09
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