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Taichung World Flora Exposition Fengyuan Huludun Park

The landscape of Fengyuan Huludun Park is created by using the exiting space of Huludun Park and the riverbank of Soft Land Creek. Through adopting natural landscaping design method, an ecological environment with the theme of “Water and Flora City” is created to show the characteristics of life, culture, water, and green. It also reflects the local people’s life that incorporates horticulture and flora in their food, clothing, residence, transportation, education, and recreation. An ecological and diverse waterfront park is created with a combination of a modern version of “Qingming Festival” living environment, local lacquer ware, forestry, and well-known pastry industry. The Huludun Park is divided into 5 areas. Area 1 to 4 incorporates characteristics of Taichung’s districts and using green field, nature, and people as the elements for flora exposition. By integrating into the overall environment in the park, the flora exposition enables people to get close to nature and appreciate the featured flowers and landscaping plants. Also, by maintaining the riverbank environment and greening the riverbank to reshape the natural appeal, the areas, combining ecology, industry, and culture, are created to promote local development. In Area 5, the waterfront flower landscape and the landscaped lake are created to diversify the city’s ecological system. Through combining the creative flora design in flora exposition, this area will give visitors fresh visual images, with 10 highlights, including flora landscape, an island in the lake, ecological pavement, art walls, herb labyrinth, vine tunnel, waterfront grass field, residents’ green field, and music plaza. Area 5 is a unique “Flora Ks Gem” that gives people a novel image of Fengyuan Huludun Park. The Park also includes a permanent exhibition hall, “Happy to Meet You Hall.”

  • Data update: 2018-08-21
  • Publish Date: 2018-08-09
  • Source: Construction Bureauu
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