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Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

The five-story SRC building has the most complete collection of jellyfish and fishes along the shore of Taiwan, presenting and educating the importance of ecology. The knowledge of wetland conservation to ocean protection is conveyed through the tour.

Symbolizing Taichung Port, the fundamental rock of Dajia River is used for the exterior of the building, while indoor entrance a 9 inch depth, 700 mt tank displaying the theme species “sea jelly” and seashore animals and plants, exclusive Taiwanese salmon display. Large scenery restaurant and rooftop coffee house. The location is a family-friendly knowledge explorer. Visit the abundant marine species is the best way to get to know the field. The new attraction along sea line will serve as an education spot for river, wetland and marine ecology.

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  • Publish Date: 2018-08-23
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