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Fire Bureau Director-General TSENG,CHIN-TSAI

Fire Bureau Director-General TSENG,CHIN-TSAI
Fire Bureau Director-General TSENG,CHIN-TSAI


1. 43rd Bachelor of Fire Science, Central Police University;

2. Executive Master of Public Affairs, Tunghai University


1. Fire Brigade Team Leader of Yunlin County Police Department

2. Fire Brigade Team Leader, Technician, Section Chief, and Deputy Team Leader of Taichung County Police Bureau

3. Director-General & Deputy Director-General of Taichung County Fire Bureau

4. Deputy Director-General of Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government


1. Establish a dedicated inspection team for each fire brigade, ensure the consistency between inspection standard and inspection process of fire safety equipment, allow the general public to learn more about fire safety through microfilms, and strengthen household fire safety to reduce the occurrence of fire outbreaks.

2. Integrate civil disaster relief resources, establish a functional volunteer fire brigade in the field of disaster relief, discuss about regular replacement of firefighting equipment and firefighting supplies, enhance the professional training and first aid capabilities of the volunteer fire brigade, and strengthen disaster relief capabilities.

3. Assist Taichung City to set up the "Office of Disaster Management and Preparatory Office of Disaster Management Commission", organize functional teams under the Emergency Operations Center of Taichung City, provide educational campaigns for fire safety, and enhance the emergency response and preparedness at the entry-level.

4.Assist in promoting international exchanges and cooperation by organizing "Taiwan-Vietnam Fire Rescue Beginner's Course Joint Training", "Tokyo Fire Department Collapsed Building Rescue Training", "Memorandum of Cooperation with the German Search and Rescue Dogs Association - BRH", "2017 INGO International Symposium-Insrag External Classification (IEC) Seminar","Send Members to the Texas A&M University (TEEX) to Participate in Disaster Relief Training" and other works.


1. Establish an credible, professional and efficient fire brigade to create an environment where people can live safely and peacefully.

2. Strengthen the coordination effort between the civil relief team and the volunteer fire brigade to effectively reduce disaster losses.

3. Construct a perfect fire defense system in the city, continue to build new fire rescue bases, and improve the quality of firefighting service.

4. Continue to supplement the firefighters in this city, move towards fire protection specialization & responsibility, and improve service quality in all aspects.

5. Establish a replacement mechanism for disaster relief vehicles and fire safety equipment, so that disaster relief and first aid can be carried out smoothly in case of a fire outbreak.

6. Carry out the firefighting and disaster relief trainings and drills to enhance the professional competency and effectiveness of disaster relief.

7. Strengthen the first-aid skills in remote areas, provide the first-aid training programs, and improve the overall first-aid quality and effectiveness.

8. Create an emergency response and preparedness mechanism for the city in case of large-scale disasters that may take places in the future.

9. Fire inspection and fire prevention systems are carried out to achieve the purpose of "prevention is better than rescue".

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