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Land Offices

Jurisdiction of each Land Office in Taichung City

Office Name


Zhongshan Land Office

Central District, East District, West District, South District

Zhongzheng Land Office

North District, BeiTun District

Zhongxing Land Office

XiTun District, NanTun District

FengYuan Land Office

Fengyuan District, Houli District, Shengang District

Dongshi Land Office

Dongshi District, Shigang District, Xinshe District, Heping District

Dajia Land Office

Dajia District, Daan District, Waipu District

Yatan Land Office

Daya District, Tantzu District

Dali Land Office

Dali District, Wufeng District, Wuri District

Taiping Land Office

Taiping District

Longjing Land Office

Lonjing District, Dadu District

Organization and responsibility of Land Office



Section 1

Handling of land and building improvements (including registration, review, and change), calculation of registration fees, management of cadastral warehouse, and other matters.

Section 2

Handling of land and building improvements (including surveying, land resurveying, library management, maintenance and management of computer equipment related to surveying systems

Section 3

Land value assessment, redefinition of land value, preparation of the table of announced land value, land price change, issue of land price transcripts, preparation and reporting of land statistics, and land valuation systems.

Section 4

Sending and receiving of official documents, file management, general affairs, cashier, financial management, seals management, and research and evaluation

Information Section

Land administration systems, management of control room and hardware equipment maintenance, land registration transcript, issue of cadastral maps and floor plans of buildings

Personnel administrator

Handling of personnel management according to law.

Accounting Office

Handling of budgetary and accounting matters according to law.


  • Data update: 2021-11-05
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-29
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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