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New land expropriation compensation policy has started since September 1, 2012

  • Date: 2019-03-19
  • Issued by: Land Administration Bureau

Since September 1, 2012, Taiwan’s land expropriation compensation system has shifted from the practice of “adding a percentage to the publicly announced current land value” to "appraisal by market price". The biggest difference between the new and old systems lies in the fact that in the past, compensations for expropriation were made by mass zoning appraisal but now every piece of expropriated land must be evaluated, audited and reviewed before compensation.
To provide our citizens with a quality living space and improve and enhance the investment environment, Taichung City Government has been actively undertaking a number of infrastructural projects (such as the construction of new roads and parks) and major development and construction projects (such as the development of readjustment zone and the MRT project). The new policy to compensate the owners of expropriated land by market price is expected to effectively protect the property rights of land owners, promote municipal constructions, and end dispute and lawsuit.

The new market price appraisal system requires the government unit in need of land to submit the information of the land to be expropriated to Taichung City Government. Then, Taichung City Government will send out the Appraisal Unit to conduct land valuation in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The appraisal results will be subsequently submitted to the Land Evaluation Committee for review. The review report will be then returned to the original unit in need of land, which will carry out all the subsequent procedures for drafting and submission of the expropriation plan.

Taichung City Government has so far appraised 2,286 pieces of expropriated land for 125 public construction project sunder the new market-price-appraisal system. We are ranked second in the number of appraisal cases in the country. In the future, the market-price-appraisal tasks maybe outsourced to the professional real estate appraisers so as to unite the private sector to work together for the development of Taichung.

  • Date : 2013-05-03
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