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Maintaining Security during 2013Chinese New Year

  • Date: 2019-05-15
  • Issued by: Police Department

The Task for Maintaining Security during 2013 Chinese New Year starts from 22:00, January31 and will end at 24:00 February 24, lasting for 25 days. Work contents will focus on "steady public order", "smooth traffic", and "enthusiastic service”.
To show our determination, Taichung City Government Police Department invited the military police, the vigilante, the civil defense units, volunteers and other non-governmental organizations to hold a kick-off ceremony at the square of New Taichung City Hall at 10:00 on January 31, 2013. Vowing to give our citizens a safe and happy Chinese New Year, we will focus our efforts on three main work directions, namely "steady public order", "smooth traffic", and "enthusiastic service”, whose important work contents are listed as follows:
1.Help maintain household security for our citizens (including the aliens) who go out traveling.
2.Promote the “mobile” police station and the use of police volunteers.
3.Handle the street vendors violating rules or regulations at the tourist attractions, scenic and recreation areas.
4.Assist missing persons to return home for reunion.
5.Investigate and deal with foreigner-related cases involved in human trafficking, drugs and other illegal activities.
6.Assist in disaster prevention, rescue, and contingency programs.
7.Advocate anti-theft, anti-robbery, and fraud prevention.
8.Carry out eight priority tasks, including investigating illegal possession of guns, underworld gangs, and theft; sweeping outlawed casino; safeguarding the security of financial institutions; detecting and cracking down major criminal cases; preventing the damage of drugs; and capturing important fugitives.
9.Clamp down violation of the Fair Trade Law, counterfeit currency, loan-sharking, smuggling, private inferior tobacco and alcohol. Work with the Ministry of Finance to clamp down private inferior tobacco and alcohol.
10.Guide and relieve traffic bottleneck, control and prevent traffic accidents, and curb vicious traffic violation.
11.Protect children and youths.
12.Protect women and children, strengthen the investigation of sex trade involving children and youths, and rescue the victimized children and youths.

  • Date : 2013-02-01
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