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Functions and Responsibilities

Land Cadaster Division

Registration of land and buildings, mediation for real estate disputes, cadastral clearance, management of land lots not registered for inheritance, cadastral management, volunteer services for land administration, and supervision of District Land Offices in terms of land registration, cadastral management, and voluntary service.

Land Valuation Division
Announcement of publicly assessed land value, Compilation of current value of the publicly announced land, handling of land benchmark value, preparation for urban land price index and newsletters of real estate transactions, management of real estate appraisers, management of land administration agents (including their business registration, certificate issuance, rewards and punishments, administrative penalties), and management of real estate brokers (including issuance of business license, rewards and punishments, administrative penalties), coordination of land-transaction disputes, and supervision of and other land valuation matters.

Land Rights Division
Report of private and municipal land registration cases, management of entrusted state-owned cultivated lands, management of city-owned cultivated lands, mediation for tenancy disputes over cultivated lands, matters related to acquisition and transfer of real estate to foreigners and mainland Chinese, sales of public lands, supervision of District Land Offices for matters related to “Farm Rental Reduction to 37.5%”

Land Use Division
Land expropriation, joint expropriation, adjusted expropriation, revoke of expropriation, handling of early land expropriation cases, transfer of unregistered property rights, custodial service for expropriated but uncompensated land, and appropriation of public land.

Land Readjustment Division
Readjustment of city land, readjustment of agricultural land, update and management and maintenance of water route projects for early readjusted agricultural land, readjustment and development of agricultural land and rural communities, and other matters.

Land Survey Division
Re-survey of cadastral maps, handling of real estate disputes, control of cadastral surveying, boundary re-verification, and supervision of District Land Offices for land-survey matters.

Zone Expropriation Division
Zone expropriation of public and private lands and ground objects, compensation for expropriated public land and appropriation of ground objects (including payment, retention, and custody), and zone expropriation development.

Land Use Classification Division
Non-urban land zoning and land use classification, change of zoning, belated land use classification, change of land use classification, cancellation of land use classification, corrections of land use classification, notes on land use, tribunal of cases in violation of the Regional Planning Law, and supervision of District Land Offices for matters related to non-urban land use and other land use classification matters.

Information Management Office
Planning, supervision, promotion, consideration, implementation and coordination of information technology for land administration; Land Information System, equipment maintenance management, operations and training, and supervision of District Land Offices for matters related to information management.


Documents, files, seals, administrative affairs, procurement, treasury, legal, research and evaluation, property management, management of workers and staff under the Labor Standard Law, public relations, press releases, and handling of matters not belonging to other departments or offices.

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