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Homesteading to foster homesteaders

  • Date: 2019-03-19
  • Issued by: Land Administration Bureau

The Granting of public land must be executed by the competent authority of the county (city) governments in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures. Its purpose is to turn the farmer leasing the public land into a private homesteader after he/she pays the designated land price by installments so as to fulfill the land policy stipulated by Article 143 of The Constitution of The Republic of China, which provides that in the distribution and readjustment of land, the State shall in principle assist self-farming land-owners and persons who make use of the land by themselves.
The granting of public land to farmers has undergone several stages. The operations carried out between 1951 and 1976 were collectively referred to as “the early public-land granting”, which was stopped in 1976. In 1989, the central government approved Taichung City (former Taichung County) and Nantou County to release the land managed by Taichung County Demonstration Forest. In 2000, Taichung City conducted public land surveys in preparation for the granting operations but suspended the operations in 2002, when the central government instructed all the cities and counties to review the land granting policy. In 2007, the Executive Yuan ordered a full cessation of the granting of public land. Therefore, Taichung City has not granted any public land to farmers since 2002, except managing and accepting the installed payments from the granted public land.
After a farmer has paid all the installments for the granted land, he/she must apply to the Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government for the soil and water conservation on his/her pastoral or afforestation land in accordance the relevant regulations and the homestead certificate. Aware that the homesteader may forget to file such an application or not familiar with the laws, we at the Land the Administration Bureau will send a letter to remind him/her to do so.
For the check of soil and water conservation, if the Agriculture Bureau or the Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government finds insufficient number of trees planted on the site, it will immediately provide tree species and offer counseling to the farmer. If any construction is found on the granted land, the Urban Development Bureau and the Agriculture Bureau will ask the farmer to provide legitimate old building documents. If it is an illegal construction, the farmer will be asked to correct the situation first. The Land Administration Bureau always uses any opportunity, such as on-site investigation or district meetings to advocate the relevant regulations and remind the farmers of public land grants not to use the land illegally, not to overuse the land, and not to sell the land in private. He or she is also reminded to till the land himself or herself and to conserve the soil and water in a good condition. It is hoped that no adversary consequence will ever happen to a homesteader.

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