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2013 publicly announced current land value and publicly announced land prices in Taichung City

  • Date: 2019-03-19
  • Issued by: Land Administration Bureau

The “publicly announced current land value (PACLV)” is a good reference when our citizens declare the transfer of land ownership. It is also a basis for tax authorities to audit the present value of the transferred land and to levy the land value increment tax (opportunity tax). The PACLV must be released on January 1 each year. Meanwhile, the publicly announced land value (PALV) is for reference when landowners declare the land prices to the tax authorities, which will then levy Land Value Tax (holding tax) based on the land price declaration. The PALV must be announced every three years. The latest announcement dated was January 1, 2013.

2013 PACLV and PALV in Taichung City have been evaluated and approved by the Land Evaluation Committee. The PACLV has increased by 4.79% on the average, while the PALPs have averagely risen 15.78%. According to the PACLV, the land price of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store at NT$420,000 per square meter, or NT$ 1.388 million per ping, is again the most expensive in Taichung City. Its PACLV has been adjusted upward for 38.6% this time.

The PACLVs of Taichung City’s 29 administrative districts have been raised up. The average adjustment rates are Central District 3%, East District 3.83%, West District 3.92%, South District 3.86%, North District 2.27%, Beitun District 5. 19%, Xitun District 10.16%, Nantun District 9.04, Fengyuan District 0.93%, Shengang District 1%, Houli District 1%, Tanzi District 3%, Daya District 1%, Qingshui District 2%, Shalu District 3.05%, Wuci District 1.99%, Tatu District 2%, Longjing District 3.01%, Dongshih District 1.08%, Xinshe District 1.32%, Shihkang District 1.05%, Hoping District 1.06%, Taiping District 5.02%, Wuri District 6.01%, Tali District 9.07%, Wufeng District 3%, Dajia District 1.03%, Waipu District 1.06%, and Daan District 1.15%.

With regard to the PALP, Central District is the only area having its PALP slightly lowered down by 0.05%, while the PALPs of all the other districts have risen. The average adjustments are East District 0.46%, West District 4.93%, South District 4.85, North District 5.48 %, Beitun District 27.66%, Xitun District 39.92%, Nantun District 39.57%, Fengyuan District 15%, Shengang District 15%, Houli District 9.99%, Tanzi District 5%, Daya District 15.04%, Qingshui District 10%, Shalu District 10.06%, Wuci District 4.92%, Tatu District 4.93%, Longjing District 5%, Dongshih District 5%, Xinshe District 10.19%, Shihkang District 5.07%, Hoping District 5.04%, Taiping District 10.03%, Wuri District 19.84%, Tali District 21.04%, Wufeng District 9.98%, Dajia District 4.92%, Waipu District 5.02%, and Daan District 5.44%.

There is always noise about land price adjustment regardless of whether it goes up or down. Taichung City Government always tries to strike a balance between land price equilibrium and socio-economic conditions. The results of 2013 PACLV and PALV have been announced since January 1, 2013. Our citizens are welcome to make an inquiry on the website of Land Administration Bureau at http://www.land.taichung.gov.

  • Date : 2013-05-03
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