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The Ambassador of World Flora Exposition, Tsing-Fong Wu, Filmed MV in Taichung The MV of the Theme Song, “Please Listen,” Will Have Its Premiere

  • Date: 2018-09-11
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
“Please Listen”

Tsing-Fong Wu, a talented artist, created a theme song, “Please Listen” for Taichung World Flora Exposition. After the song was released, it was loved by fans. A couple of days ago, the “Please Listen” MV filming team visited National Taichung Theater and Shalu Jiutian Black Forest for the scenes. It is hoped that through the perfect combination of images and music, which shows the profound meaning of the lyric and the warm vitality of Taichung World Flora Exposition. The MV is scheduled to premiere at 10 a.m. on September 7.

The Ambassador of World Flora Exposition, Tsing-Fong Wu, was being the music producer for the first time and responsible for creating the lyrics and melody as well as singing. Inspired by the slogan of Taichung World Flora Exposition, “Listening to the Sound of the Blossoming,” Tsing-Fong Wu created an exclusive single, “Please Listen” with its lyric comparing life of human beings to life of flowers. By including the sound of infants’ cry, lovers’ whisper, and families’ happy noise, Tsing-Fong Wu created a song that makes listeners feel warm and alive, and meanwhile, infused Taichung World Flora Exposition’s core value and spirit into the song. After the beautiful melody is released, many fans and netizens praised the song and shared it, which made everyone look forward to the opening of the World Flora Exposition in November.

In order to film the MV of “Please Listen,” Tsing-Fong Wu visited Taiwan and started his nonstop 24-hour shooting tour that includes places such as culvert-designed and curved-walled National Taichung Theater and Shalu’s secret attraction spot, “Jiutian Black Forest.” The MV enables everyone to appreciate the unique scenery in suburban Taichung along with Tsing-Fong Wu’s singing and steps.

Even though Tsing-Fong Wu commuted to Taichung at 1 a.m. and then got ready for the intensive MV filming schedule on the day of shooting, he was still excited as if he were an elementary school student going on a field trip. Because he did not have an opportunity to visit National Taichung Theater, he took advantage of this shooting time and carefully toured inside and outside of the theater to appreciate the beauty of the theater’s architecture and space.

National Taichung Theater particularly built “Water Bed” in front of it for the MV shooting. One of the scenes was to film Tsing-Fong Wu, playing the role of a music angel, waking up in the Water Bed, which attracted many seniors who were doing morning exercise there watching the shooting. This made Tsing-Fong Wu feel shy and impressed. With its easy-going personality, Tsing-Fong Wu also did morning exercise with the seniors during the shooting break and promoted World Flora Exposition, which makes him a competent ambassador of World Flora Exposition.

In addition, when Tsing-Fong Wu was shooting the MV, he also found that the nine-year-old boy actor, Run Run, who also participated in this MV shooting, can sing “Please Listen” without missing any words in the lyric, which surprised him. Tsing-Fong Wu said, “Because this song is new, and the lyric is long, it makes this song not easy to sing. Run Run is really good!“ The episode showed that “Please Listen” is a light, energetic, and influential song.

In the MV story of Taichung World Flora Exposition’s theme song, “Please Listen,” singer, Tsing-Fong Wu, led by a boy, started fantastic time travel among the flowers. Through children’s eyes, everyone could see the forest hidden in the city. With the interplay of flowers, plants, and music, a variety of sounds that represent love are heard.

The “Please Listen” MV will be premiered on Tsing-Fong Wu’s official YouTube channel at 10 a.m. on September 7 (Friday). Also, stay tuned on 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition’s official website and Facebook page as well as Tsing-Fong Wu’s IG and Facebook fan page.


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