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Foreign tourist lost in Taiwan; Police Academy intern saves her day with language skills

  • Date: 2018-11-19
  • Issued by: Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office

A tourist from “Belgium” came to visit her friends in Dongshi. At around 15:00 on July 6th, 2016, she was found lost, trying to show the pedestrians the address in her cell phone in order to find out how to get to her destination by car. However, she could not find anyone who could communicate with her. Eventually, she walked to the local police station in Dongshi and asked the officers for help. An intern of the Police Academy voluntarily translated for her. Finally, the police officers called a taxi for her and told the driver the details of her destination. This lady from Belgium was impressed by the thoughtfulness and helpfulness of the Taiwanese cops.

During the conversation between Sergeant Kuo, two interns of the Police Academy and the Belgian tourist, they discovered that she was a friend of a famous American-Taiwanese dad, Daniel Jacobson that lives in Dongshi. The taxi driver that gave her a ride also served Daniel several times and was very familiar of the roads in those mountains. The Belgian tourist was glad she could make it to her friend´s place on time.

The police are always happy to serve people from home and abroad. They care about people´s safety and proactively learn about the needs of different groups from all walks of life. In this case, our police officers devoted themselves to citizen diplomacy. The interns of the Police Academy serve at different police departments all over the country. Not only do they learn their daily police duties, but also develop the spirit and attitude of serving the people. These interns in Dongshi utilized their language ability to serve the people and won praise from their newly made foreign friend, who will probably be keener to revisit Taiwan. The active attitude and excellent service of the police are praise-worthy.

  • Date : 2016-07-26
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