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Love City Bus i384 highly praised by granddads and grandmas

  • Date: 2018-11-15
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau

  Monthly raffle draw for "Love City Bus i384” was held at the Dadu District Office today (September 28). Winners of the lucky draw were Zhang Yan-ci (張晏慈) and Lee Xu-yu (李栩鈺) from Nantun District, who were awarded an iPhone 4s and a NT$10,000 gift certificate, respectively. Transportation Bureau also arranged four buses to take all the participants to Zhuifen Railway Station (追分火車站). Many granddads and grandmas on the buses praised the bus system highly by saying that it is really very convenient to travel around by bus in Taichung City.
  It was quite hustling and bustling at the Dadu District Office today. Although strong wind was blowing, many people were still packed together to wait for the results from monthly raffle draw for "Love City Bus i384”. Conducted by the Deputy Mayor Hsiao Chia-chi and Wu Shuo-feng (吳碩豐, President of Taichung Bus Company), the lucky draw had its two winners randomly picked by computer. They were Zhang Yan-ci and Lee Xu-yu, both from Nantun District, who were awarded an iPhone 4s and a NT$10,000 gift certificate, respectively.
  Deputy Mayor Hsiao immediately called out to the two winners. Both of them were very excited to learn of the good news. Lee Xu-yu even kept on saying that she was shocked.
  Deputy Mayor Hsiao urged people to travel by bus more often. “You will not only have the chance to win the jackpot and keep yourself in good health but also save energy and cut carbon emission for the city,” said he. The number of people taking public transportation in Taichung City has risen from 3 million before the merger of county and city to nearly 6.82 million at the present.
  Wu Shuo-feng, President of Taichung Bus Company, said that Bus Line 93 started its operation in September last year. “Its monthly ridership has risen from 12,000 at the beginning to 73,000 in July this year. I expect the number of passengers will further grow to 150,000 in July next year and we have to increase the number of runs then,” added Wu.
  After the raffle draw, Transportation Bureau arranged the Bus Line 93 to take all the participant to the popular Zhuifen Railway Station, where another lucky draw for folding bikes and souvenir gifts was conducted. This interesting tour by taking city bus to visit the railway station was jam-packed with people on four buses. Deputy Mayor Hsiao also stood on one of the buses to experience the ride. He had a nice chat with people on the same bus.
"It is very convenient for me to take bus to Qingshui traditional market, to temples at Dajia, and to the high-speed railway station. I can enjoy free ride for eight kilometers. It is really great to live in Taichung!" said Ms. Hung, living in Dadu District. She pointed out that if you drive a car, you have to pay for the oil and parking fee; if you choose to ride a bus, you save all those costs, enjoy the convenience of bus riding and do your part in protecting our environment. Thus, she always encouraged her friends and family to ride on bus and she thanked the city government for providing such a convenient transportation system.
  Transportation Bureau said that the raffle award draws will go on not only by week and by month but also at the end of the year. Winners of this year-end finale will be awarded with a NT$ 150,000 worth Taiwan Railway TR-PASS coupon for a five-day tour for two passengers (including accommodation for 4 nights) and a NT$50,000 supermarket gift coupon. For detail, please visit the official website of Love City Bus i384 (www.i384.com.tw). Please be reminded to also click “Like” on the facebook fan group page to be eligible for the lucky draw of a tablet PC.

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