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Love City Bus i384 visited Wanxing Temple in Shengang District

  • Date: 2018-11-15
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau
愛上巴士i384低碳抗漲抽獎  搭91新社山環線遊神岡萬興宮

  Monthly raffle for "Love City Bus i384" was held at Shengang District Office on 29th October, in which Mayor Jason Hu and city councilors awarded prize-winning participants with iPhone 4s, HTC smartphones, NT$10,000 gift certificates, and NT$1,000 convenience-store coupons. After the lucky draw, the Transportation Bureau arranged Bus Line 91 to take all the participants to Wanxing Temple in Shengang District to appreciate the ancient temple and taste good food there.
  Present at the event were Mayor Hu and four city councilors, including Liao Shu-zhen (廖述鎮), Hsu Shui-bin (許水彬), Luo Yong-zhen (羅永珍), and Liu Shi-zhou (劉士州). Mayor Hu said, “The investigation showed that after the launch of the free bus system, the number of passengers increases the most and the proportion the fastest in Shengang District. I am very pleased with your people here and hope you will use the bus system even more often to play around, see a friend, and go shopping. Without your patronage, it would be difficult for the city government to continue to maintain the newly opened bus routes.”
  As of the end of September, there have been more than 1,450,000 page views on the official website of "Love City Bus” in the past four months since the program started in June of this year. It shows that people are really enthusiastic about the program. In addition, there are more than 16,000 people eligible to take part in the lucky draws which will go on not only by week and by month but also at the end of the year. For the weekly raffle, a Taiwan Railway TR-PASS coupon for a five-day tour for two passengers will be given out; for the monthly lucky draw, an iPhone4s will be awarded; and for the year-end sweepstakes, a NT$150,000 worth Taiwan Railway TR-PASS coupon for a five-day tour for two passengers plus accommodation for 4 nights will be drawn. Moreover, there will be an additional raffle for those 4,000 people who have changed their transportation modes: one NT$10,000 hypermarket voucher will be drawn every month and a NT$ 50,000 supermarket gift coupon will be awarded at the year-end sweepstakes.
  To learn more about i384, please visit the official website of Love City Bus i384 (www.i384.com.tw) or the facebook page (www.facebook.com/i384bus).

  • Date : 2012-11-07
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