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On-street parking surrounding Wuri High Speed Rail Station limited to NT$60 daily

  • Date: 2018-11-15
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau

  Roadside parking fees at the surrounding area of the Wuri High Speed Rail Station have been charged since April 1, 2013. A survey over the toll collection in the past month showed that most of the vehicle owners parked their cars or motorcycles there to take HSR to other counties or cities for business or meeting. The parking time and nature are very different from those of the ordinary roadside parking that needs to increase its turnover. Thus, starting from May 16, the Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government decides to give out some concessions to vehicles parking on the roadside grids surrounding the High Speed Rail Station. The scheme is to limit the chargingtimefrom9:00to17:00 at the same hourly rate of NT$20 as before (Fees are doubled for larger vehicles) but set a price ceiling at NT$60 per day. Formotorcycles, the parking fee remains at NT$20 per time or per day.

  The Transportation Bureau stresses that the objective of charging parking fees is to maintain order and establish pay-as-you-use concept. The parking ratesare decided by considering the parking market in the neighborhood, the current parking situation, and the public opinions. If you have questions or concerns regarding parking, please callthe Parking Management Office (Tel: 04-2258160 or 04-22258029)

  • Date : 2013-05-15
  • Hit: 77