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‘Pedestrian Priority Right of Way’ Road Markings Introduced in Taichung

  • Date: 2018-11-15
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau
「行人優先路權線」 臺中市首創上路

 ‘Pedestrian Priority Right of Way’ Road Markings Introduced in Taichung

  In order to improve people-based traffic systems in the city, the Taichung City Government Transportation Bureau will be introducing Taiwan’s first ‘Pedestrian Priority Right of Way’ road markings at intersections outside the train station affected by a large volume of pedestrian traffic. These colored markings will clearly delineate pedestrian areas and feature footprints in order to increase pedestrians’ right of way when crossing the road. They will also reinforce the self-evident nature of pedestrian facilities, further reminding drivers to pay attention to the safety of people crossing the road on foot.

  As people-based traffic concepts have gained traction in Taichung, , in addition to studying sidewalk marking practices in other countries such as Germany and America, the Transportation Bureau has also added two pedestrian priority right of way lines on either side of the original ‘sleeper’ crossing lines. These serve to emphasize that pedestrians have the right of way and clearly distinguish pedestrian areas. At the same time, the pavement color specified in the Transportation Bureau’s Rules For Traffic Signs and Markings has also been taken into consideration: green is the base color of the new markings, in addition to which orange ‘footprints’ have been added for the first time in Taiwan. These inform pedestrians which direction to walk in and indicate that these areas are exclusively for the use of pedestrians.

  The Transportation Bureau has said that, on average, the green markings are less slippery than traditional road markings and will help prevent riders of motorcycles and scooters from sliding over. They also guarantee the safety of road users, and in the future, depending on the road conditions at intersections and pedestrian characteristics, adjustments to painting methods will continue to be promoted for appropriate traffic signals and signs to create a safer environment for road users/

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