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Creative Smart Bus Stop Shelters: Decorates Taichung with Joy

  • Date: 2018-11-15
  • Issued by: Transportation Bureau
創意智慧候車亭 幸福妝點大臺中

Transportation Bureau combines aesthetics and functionality in this year's (2013) five- trial run smart bus stop shelters, each instilled with artistic elements, allowing them to integrate into the surrounding attractions and imageries, so that the public waiting for the bus can enjoy visual feast. Following the first bus stop located in the quaint Dajia's "Wenchang Memorial Bust Stop Shelter", the second stop was created at Fengyuan's Huludun culture center's creative bus stop shelter has also been completed, taking on a fresh and elegant style. The remaining three creative bus stop shelter will also be completed before the end of October.

Transportation Bureau said that in addition to the selected and designed five creative bus stop shelters, in order to encourage colleges students, artists and the public involved in the jointly creating art, this year, it also organized the Bus stop shelters' Creative Design Contest, which began collection on October 1, in the hope that unlimited imagination and action by the public will bring out a new look that belongs to and exclusively represents Taichung city.

With the rise of urban aesthetics, public art has become another scenery of a city. Transportation Bureau selected 5 areas in the Shan, Hai and Tun areas this year, to start the pilot project of creative, smart bus stop shelters. Namely, there are the Daija District's "Wenchang Memorial Bus Stop Shelter," Fengyuan District,s "Huludun Cultural Center," Dali District's "Children Arts Museum," Beitun District's "Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and Fengjia Nightmarket's Wenxiu Parking Lot. By featuring creative bus stops, it hopes to break away from the stereotype, and allow the bus stops to become a center of attention for the public eye. Through photos taken and shared by visitors, it hopes to spread Taichung city bus's 8km of joy into every single corner.

The Transportation Bureau indicates that Taichung currently has 295 bus stop shelters, and this year it expects to continue to build more than 60 bus stop shelters, in addition to giving people a good waiting environment, it also transforms the bus stop shelters into another visual treat. The 5 prototype bus stop shelters are built exclusively with Taichung City features, and required the site locations to have local cultural buildings, historical monuments, specialty shopping district or is an important transport station, etc., the installation art design should also undergo construction and safety certifications, in order to ensure the integrity of the original structure shelters and the safety for the public waiting at the shelters. Transportation Bureau hopes that by setting up creative bus shelters, people will be moved greatly by the little changes made to the landscape that they were used to seeing.

  • Date : 2013-10-02
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