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2012 Taichung Open-Air Concert Series

Different cities have their own music styles:
Visit Taichung city, enjoy its unique atmosphere and savor enchanting live music at the 2012 Taichung Open-Air Concert.
"Take a walk with music" is the official theme for this year's Taichung Open-Air Concert Series. During every weekend from July 7 to August 25, at 7 p.m., a total of over 80 music groups will perform at all 29 Taichung city districts. Musical genres include classical, ethnic, pop, rock, folk, reggae, blues and jazz, guaranteeing that almost every Taichung citizen will be able to enjoy their favorite musical style.
As one of the biggest summer musical events in the city, the Taichung Open-Air Concert Series every year attracts large numbers of families, couples and individuals, who come to enjoy this musical feast. This year's event, now in its ninth year, will continue this tradition by holding outdoor concerts suitable for audience members of all ages in public areas such as parks and plazas. These summer evening performances will undoubtedly be ideal destinations for any Taichung resident or visitor who loves music.
For more information, call (04) 2327-5774 or 2228-9111, ext. 25415 or visit http://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw for the official website of 2012 Taichung Open-Air Concert Series.

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  • Publish Date: 2012-07-03
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