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Civil Service Training Center Won CIPD People Management Awards from IFTDO

Taking part in the 43rd Annual Meeting of International Federation of Training & Development Organizations (IFTDO) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Civil Service Training Center of Taichung City Government presented a paper entitled “Diverse Training Strategy─ The Application of Apprenticeship at Department of Personnel of Taichung City Government" and won the CIPD People Management Awards (CIPD PMAs). The paper was commended by the judging panel as "world-class human resource management practice.”

An international training institution under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the IFTDO holds training seminars every year in different countries around the world. People from public and private sectors, schools, or membership organizations from different countries are invited to attend those seminars. The 2014 annual meeting was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates during the period from March 9 to 12. A competition under the title of "Best Human Resource Management, Workplace Quality Improvement and Best Dissertation" was held at the same time. There were 29 entrants from 12 countries in the contest, and 12 works from 7 countries (namely Germany, USA, Canada, India, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan) were awarded. More than 600 people from about 30 countries attended the annual meeting this year. The organizer, Dubai Police University, has planned this event for two years.Our national flag was hoisted at the venue. Performances of honor guards were presented.Fireworks were shot after the award ceremony, drawing the event to a perfect ending.

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