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Life-long Learning Lecture Hall is On; Mayor Lu Encourages Self-realization

The Civil Service Training Center of the Taichung City Government on August 12th organized "the Life-long Learning Lecture" by inviting General Manager of LDC Hotels and Resorts Group, Emile Sheng, to share "Leadership and Innovation." About 300 attendees from various agencies participated and Mayor Lu was the moderator and she encouraged the staff to face job challenges and overcome difficulties for self-realization.
Mayor Lu said today that it is a rare opportunity that we are able to invite the General Manager of LDC Hotels and Resorts Group, Emile Sheng, to be the speaker and thus, she attended the lecture and served as the moderator. General Manager Sheng was a professor at the Department of Political Science of Shoochow University and TV program host. In 2007, he served as the Minister of Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Taipei City Government. During his term, he set up 1999 Civil Service Hotline that was followed by various cities and counties due to outstanding performance. He helped Taipei City to successfully organize the 21st Summer Deaflympics in 2009. Later he was promoted as the Minister of the Council for Cultural Affairs to implement the "Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries Act" and series events of the 100th anniversary celebration for the establishment of the Republic of China. Now, Mr. Sheng is an elite leader of the business field.
Mayor Lu encourages the staff after listening to the lecture will learn how to face difficulties and challenges at work or in life by adjusting themselves and overcoming all obstacles for self-realization.
Mr. Sheng shared with the attendees the case of LDC Hotels and Resorts Group about how to transcend boundaries and active learning under the impacts of globalization and digitalization. Attendees shall develop abilities to respond to rapid changes in the future and lead colleagues to make progress together in different time. He also encouraged inter-disciplinary learning and collaboration for the realization of cultural and innovative spirit. Mayor Lu especially gave the "Mid-Lake Lacquerware Plate" as the token of appreciation to thank General Manager Shen's sharing.

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