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Taichung City Government Promotes "158+ Space Information Web" for Convenient Land Administration Information Inquiry

158 + Space Information Web
158 + Space Information Web

The Taichung City Land Administration Bureau provided inquiry services for space information of the Taichung City Government to optimize land administration services by launching the "158+ Space Information Web" including land property maps, land development areas, re-plotting and compulsory acquisition and transactions of real estate for the public to quickly obtain needed land administration information and to understand information of surrounding infrastructure, zoning, and future or current development.
Director General of Land Administration Bureau, Wu Chun-Chin said the Bureau is in charge of land affairs of Taichung City such as real estate management, compulsory acquisition and land development that are closely linked to environmental quality, social justice and the public property rights. Since land affair information is tied with people's daily life and most public information is provided only with text description, the public has difficulties to understand the relationship between data and actual spaces. Efficient utilization cannot be achieved. To solve this problem, the Bureau launched the "158+ Space Information Web" for the public to conveniently inquire about land administration information.
Director General Wu said the "158+ Space Information Web" allows the public to inquire space information in Taichung City in an easy, simple and public way. Information regarding property maps, land development areas, re-plotting and compulsory acquisition, transactions of real estate, fault sensitive areas, areas within pollution control, debris-flow-prone streams, land zoning, tourism and travel and disaster prevention and treatment were provided and its diversity and effectiveness was highly praised by the public
The Bureau pointed out that the public can log on the "158+ Space Information Web" to get more information about the surrounding infrastructure, zoning and future or current development to facilitate transparency of public sector information, to create land application value and to assist the public to look for ideal location of houses and lands. Please visit the "158+ Space Information Web" on https://lohas.taichung.gov.tw/webgis.
Contact person: Mr. Lin at the Taichung City Land Administration Bureau
Contact telephone: 04-22170556

  • Data update: 2021-03-22
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-10
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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