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Californian sunshine in Taichung

  • Date: 2019-03-15
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Hailing from California, Robert came to Taiwan in 2007 with his pregnant wife, Coco, and brought along a special gift for Taichung--the wonderful world of American-style popcorn.

Life as passionate as sunshine

Robert's popcorn business started as a little weekend food stand at Fengle Sculpture Park. His job was to create the colorful variety of popcorn--also known as "kettle corn" in America--while his wife dealt with marketing. To their surprise, this small startup business was well-received by curious, friendly Taiwanese, resulting in a growth in sales.

"Taichung's sunshine is as bright as that in California!" remarked Robert happily.

The couple then moved their stand to a store on Dadun Road, opening a new chapter for Robert's kettle corn business in Taichung. Noticing Taiwanese people's growing interest in a healthier diet, Robert created handmade kettle corn that used imported U.S. corn with no artificial additives or trans fats. Besides standards flavors like caramel and chocolate, Robert's wife also introduced several Chinese flavors, such as the green tea, mustard, Purple Rose (taro) or Skippy Do (peanut). After years of business and interaction with customers in Taichung, they've grown from the original 28 flavors to almost 40 today.

"You need to be passionate about your work," said Robert of his business growth and success.

Living in a new world for love

Robert often visits the Wenxin Forest Park and the Fengle Sculpture Park with his wife and son, Bobby, who loves the fish and turtles in the water there. As for local food, Robert is willing to try just about everything that his wife introduces him to, except for stinky tofu. On his own, his favorite hang-out is PJ's Cafe on Daye Road, where he enjoys spending time with friends from around the world.

Like heated kernels of golden popcorn, Robert and Coco's love has grown to become a flavorful, colorful life in Taichung together.

Robert Winborn profile

Name:Robert Winborn

Nationality:United States

Position:Owner, Kettle Corn Shack


  • Date : 2010-07-03
  • Hit: 300

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