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Tips you must know for dining out

1.Surroundings must be clean. You do not see livestock, mosquitoes and flies around.
2.Select foods that are still hot enough. Choose a cafeteria with sufficient facilities to keep foods in good conditions.
3.Do not take those cold foods placed at room temperature for longer than two hours if you do not see proper cooling equipment in the cafeteria.
4.Catering staff should be cleanly dressed, with their hair well set and their hands without wounds. They do not have such bad habits as smoking, chewing betel nuts, and grabbing their faces and heads.
5.Dinning utensils must be clean, without any dirt and grease on the bowls, plates and cups.
6.The floor must be clean. The hallway leading to the kitchen does not have spots and grease.
7.Lettuce, salad or fruit should be fresh and without any odor.
8.No cockroaches and ants are found.
9.Dining places must be brightly lit and with good air circulation.
10.Toilet is equipped with sufficient water, hand-washing detergents, hand dryers and/or paper towels.
11.Kitchen must be clean and tidy and without bad smell.
  • Data update: 2018-02-14
  • Publish Date: 2012-04-05
  • Source: Health Bureau
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