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Fees and Charges for Ambulance Services (Fire Bureau 119)

1. The charging object: A patient or his/her family member who uses an ambulance for over twelve (12) kilometers (one-way trip from the incident spot to the destination) but does not register himself/herself at the emergency room for medical treatment.
2. The charging amount: Ambulance service charges are calculated based on the actual mileage and time spent per trip in according with the Taichung City Ambulance Fee Schedule:
(1) Ambulance:
 The equation to calculate an ambulance fee is: NT$ 600 basic fee + NT$ 25 per km * (the actual mileage – 5 km) * 2
(Actual mileage is the one-way trip from the incident spot to the destination).
 Toll charges for use of national highway: Toll is charged according to National Highway Traffic Toll Rates publicized by the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau.
(2) Fees for emergency medical technicians: The fees are charged at NT$ 500 per technician per hour for one-way trip. Less than one hour is rounded up to one hour.
3. Payment procedures:
(1) After reaching the hospital or the destination, an emergency medical technician will issue the “Fee Collection Notice” in three copies. The first copy will be kept by the emergency medical technician; the 2nd copy will be given to the patient (or his/her companion); and the 3rd copy will be sent to the Emergency Medical Service Division. The emergency medical technician will then tell the patient or his/her family member(s) that service fees will be collected because the ambulance transport exceeds 12 kilometers (one-way trip) and the patient is not registered at the emergency room.
(2) After verification, the Fire Bureau will send a letter to notify the patient the payment amount, method, and deadline.
4. Payment method: The patient can pay in cash at the Fire Bureau during the working hours.

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  • Publish Date: 2015-09-03
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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