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Who is responsible for my loss due to business closing announced by the city government?

1. In accordance with the instruction of Executive Yuan, the city government may declare business and/or school closing if a typhoon’s average wind force scale reaches 7 or above or its gust reaches 10 or above; or if cumulative rainfall within 24 hours reaches 350 mm in flat land of a city or 200 mm in the mountainous areas and a hazard has occurred or there is potential for a hazard to occur.
2. The announcement of business closing takes effect on all levels of government agencies and public and private schools within the jurisdiction the city government, but it does not regulate any private companies, which are required to follow the regulations of the Ministry of Labor. For details, please call 0800-085151 (toll free) for the Ministry of Labor.

Miss Zhang Bi-fang, Appraisal and Training Division, Department of Personnel (telephone extension 17304)
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