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What Foreign Professionals Need to Know While Working in Taiwan

Notes for employees and employers 

In accordance with Article 43 of the Employment Services Act.

No foreign worker may engage in work within the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan) should his/her employer have not yet obtained a permit via application there. (Any violation by the employee or employer of this law or other labor laws and regulations will be fined with a penalty of more than NT$30000 but less than NT$150000.)

Work Permit Information

Cross –Border Workforce Affairs Center, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor:


Address: 10F, No.39, Sec.1, Jhonghua Rd., Jhongjheng Dist., Taipei City 10042, Taiwan

Phone: (02)8995-6000

Labor Rights

While you work in Taichung, if you have interrogations or disputes about labor contract or labor rights, you can file for counseling or mediation from us (Bureau of Labor Affairs, Taichung City Government, TEL: 04-2228-9111#35536 or 35537). As for more laws and regulations about labor disputes, please contact Ministry of Labor. Phone no.:02-8995-6000.

Matters to Conduct after Obtaining Employment Permit

If you have obtained the employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labor, you should conduct VISA in our foreign offices before entering into Taiwan; if you are already in Taiwan, please conduct such matter in local consular bureau of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Office Hour of Consular Affairs Bureau: Mon-Fri 08:30~17:00

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Contact Information:

Address: 3~5 Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei , Taiwan, ROC
(02) 2343-2888
Central Office:(04) 2251-0799
Southern Office:(07) 211-0605
Eastern Office:(03) 833-1041

Taoyuan International Airport Office:
1 st Building:(03)398-2629
2nd Building:(03)398-5805

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

You should conduct ARC in local immigration office with relevant document within 15 days after entering Taiwan.

Office Hour: Mon-Fri 08:30~17:00
Website of National Immigration Agency https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475/
Information for Foreigners:0800-024-111

Salary, Tax and Tax Refund

You should pay regulated income tax for the salary earned in Taiwan; please consult local tax bureau if you have inquiries regarding tax report.

Free Line:0800-000-321
E-Tax Portal, Ministry of Finance:https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/etwmain/

Work Related Rights in Taiwan

National Health Insurance:https://www.nhi.gov.tw/English/
All foreign works with ARC should participate in National Health Insurance. Please consult relevant questions on the website of National Health Insurance Bureau.

National Health Insurance Information:0800-030598

Labor Insurance

If you are between 15-60 years old, and is employed by a company with more than 5 labors, you should join labor insurance with the insurance unit as your employed entity.

Labor Insurance Bureau:https://www.bli.gov.tw/EN/
Voicemail Service:412-1111 or 412-6666 ext. 123#
(Mobile and Outlying Island Service 02-412-1111 or 02-412-6666 ext. 123#)

Consumer's Rights

When consumers, including workers in Taiwan, have dispute or issues with product or service, the consumers can consult or appeal consumer protection organization, consumer service center, or call National Consumer Service Line:1950.

Consumer Protection Commission:

Work Regulations and Related Punishment

You shall not do the following behavior:

    • Work without applying employment permit. 
    • Work for employer not stated on the permit. 
    • Do the work not stated on the permit and without permission of your employer. 
    • Absent from work and out of contact for 3 days successively. 
    • Reject health check, provide false health check report or fail the health check. 
    • Severely violate regulations of employment service act. 
    • Severely violate other R.O.C. regulations.


Foreigners violate regulations prescribed in article 1 will be fined NTD 30,000-150,000 , be exiled from the country and is not able to work in Taiwan anymore.Foreigners violate regulations prescribed in article 2 to 7 will be cancelled the employment permit, exiled, and is not able to work in Taiwan anymore.

Other employment regulations

When the employment permit is expired without extension, or the employment relationship is terminated under agreement of both parties, you shall leave the country immediately.

Foreigners working as teachers at cram schools should accept health check or follow other regulations published by Health Department for other jobs.
Centers for Disease Control, Ro.O.C.:https://www.cdc.gov.tw/rwd/english

If your employer has the need to further hire you after your employment expires, the employer shall apply for extension within 4 months before the expiration. If your employment permit period is less than 6 months, such request can be applied after working for over 2/3 period of the permit.

Foreigners holding employment permit shall only work for the stated employer and shall not do other job unstated; if you would like to change job, you have to apply new permit by new employer.

If you have other issues regarding living in Taiwan, you can visit website for information for foreigners:https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475/
Contact Line:0800-024-111
Website of Tourism Bureau:https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/
Tel:(02)2349-1500 Hotline:0800-011-765

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