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Vision of Industrial Development

Taichung City has become the number one choice for citizens from other counties to move to. From the population migration growth rate and the average age of residents of Taichung City, we can tell that Taichung is the most livable and vigorous city in Taiwan. Taichung has also improved greatly in various indicators on city competitiveness. With such an environment and fundamentals, we need to display the features of Taichung and induce more potential in the future to make it a major city in the Asia-Pacific regions. Taichung, cooperating closely with neighboring counties such as Changhua and Nantou, will become the train engine of central Taiwan in developing innovative industries and creating more employment opportunities. “The rise of central Taiwan” will bring about the beginning of the new regional balance of Taiwan.

The key factors of creating a creative city are the so-called “3T” driving force, meaning talent, technology and tolerance. Taichung welcomes creative and entrepreneurial talents to fulfill their dreams in Taichung. The Self-governance Articles on the Industrial Development of Taichung City encourages, assists and supports venturing business through subsidies and tax preferences. Through the legal regulations, we also expect to establish and enrich the industrial development fund in order for it to become the pushing hand of supporting and nurturing industrial development.

Secondly, Taichung is the major manufacturing base of industries such as the photoelectric industry, parts for the aviation industry, enginery, machine tools and others. Most importantly, Taichung has an irreplaceable comprehensive precision machine industry cluster. Under the recent trend of IoT, big data and Industry 4.0, industrial development is about to enter another turning point. In this competition, that has just started, Taichung not only cannot be absent, but also has to take the lead. We have already integrated the strength of industries, government, academics and research centers of central Taiwan on August 20th, 2015 in signing a letter of intent named “Central Taiwan Industry 4.0 Cooperative Strategic Alliance between Industries, Government, Academics and Research Centers”. On June 18th, 2016, a Smart Machine Forum was held in which over 400 experts and scholars participated and launched an opportunity for cross-boundary cooperation and exchange. With the cooperation of central and local governments, Taichung will be constructed into a city of smart machine, enhance its international competitiveness, broaden its machinery industry into the global aviation market, and comprehensively improve the industrial technology and competitiveness of central Taiwan. We will promote the Industry 4.0 of Taichung with our full strength and introduce smart manufacturing and services into the primary, secondary & tertiary industries of Taichung and Taichung Gateway.

  • Data update: 2019-02-01
  • Publish Date: 2016-09-08
  • Source: Economic Development Bureau
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