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Taichung National Theater

Taichung National Theater

Located in 7th rezoning district, the Taichung National Theater faces the Summer Green Park in the front and is adjacent to the Taichung City Hall and the City Council Building within a walking distance.

Its overall structure is composed of 58 large pieces of Arc Wall, which are further divided into 1,372 smaller units to facilitate transport. In a total height of 32 meters, the Arc Wall structure is constituted of five main blocks, namely "Continuous Arc Wall," "Mosaic Floor," "Mosaic Interior", "Mosaic Facades" and "Service Core Wall."

Beamless is the biggest feature of Arc Wall structure. In other words, the Arc Wall units have to support each other. Depending on its location and the need of carrying capacity, each Arc Wall unit is designed with a gradient thickness from 40 cm to 80 cm, which means that very precise calculation must be made to get the best size for each Arc Wall unit and the best safety factor for the overall construction.

The outdoor of Taichung National Theater is so designed that it is surrounded by green space and walking paths and waterscape and it is completely integrated with the strip-like landscape and green belts in the neighborhood, aiming to attract and impress any visitor to the Theater.

The indoor of Taichung National Theater mainly includes a 2,014-seat grand performing hall, an 800-seat theatre and a 200-seat experimental theater. Upon entering the main facilities, visitors can always experience their "acoustic space" or "sound cave" features. Breaking away from the traditional concept of de facto floors, walls, and ceilings, the three theaters are freely configured and linked by sound paths and cylindrical chambers, instead. Various other functions, such as arts and shopping malls (workshops, shops, and cafes), restaurants and hall galleries, are also provided to facilitate the dialogue between theater performances and architectural space.

  • Data update: 2018-12-13
  • Publish Date: 2015-12-03
  • Source: Construction Bureauu
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