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Taiwan's Largest Scaled Inter-School Elective Course Launches Interactive Taichungology at the Holiday School

1100311-Senior High School-Interactive Taichungology Press Conference _210311_19
1100311-Senior High School-Interactive Taichungology Press Conference _210311_19

The Taichung City Educational Bureau in the morning of March 11th held the "Interactive Taichungology Press Conference for the 2nd Semester of Schoolyear 2020" at the ChungMing Senior High School. Director General Yang Cheng-Sheng presented completion certificates in person to students who finished their 18-hour course in the 1st semester and he wished that students can develop active learning habits and become life-long learners. During the press conference, the course organizers were invited to introduce the course and students were asked to share their reflections.
The course on Interactive Taichungology was offered over the holidays featuring intriguing and diverse learning and exploration classes and activities. Through participation in classes taught at different schools, the students came to understand the characteristics of various schools and were engaged in knowledge learning in diverse fields. The course gained its popularity and 153 students received their completion certificates for finishing the 18-hour course in the 1st semester. Besides senior high school students, there were also junior high students taking the course and for the first time, students from Changhua County, Nantou County and Miaoli County also enrolled in the course. They all presented their reflections at the press conference.
Introduced by senior students, Fang Yun-Zan from Taichung First Senior High School knew about the course on Interactive Taichungology and therefore, he immediately registered in the course when seeing the course offering information on the website of his school. He said although he needed to attend the course on holidays, yet through this course, he learned time management and prioritization. It was not easy to develop this practice ability from other courses. He would like to participate in more classes in the coming semester to acquire inter-school, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.
Wang Yu-Hou from Chung Gang Senior High School and Kuo Chu-Ching from Long-Jin Senior High School unanimously said that when taking the inter-school course, students are introduced to information and course contents different from those of major subjects and class activities which helped them to identify their future direction. More importantly, they had chances to work with new classmates with common interest for development of team spirit and expression ability. They were able to interact and cooperate with others well and it felt good to step out their comfort zone to learn.
Director General of the Bureau, Yang Cheng-Sheng, said since its establishment, Interactive Taichungology has seen increasing numbers of course organizer, credit hours and students enrolled year by year. There were 122 courses offered by 56 integrated organizers for registration of more than 4,000 students and these numbers set a new record. The course contents covered 18 disciplines and students are welcome to register for utilizing the learning resources, constructing learning paths and enriching learning experience. The elective course of "Interactive Taichungology" accepts online registration (website:http://tclearn.eduweb.tw/). Registration is welcome and seats are limited.

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