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Taichung City Government

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24-Hour Hotline

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Act of Gender Equality in Employment

Chapter Ⅰ General Provisions Article 1 The Act is enacted to protect gender equality in right-to-work, implement thoroughly the constitutional mandate of eliminating gender discrimination, and promote the spirit of substantial gender equality. Article 2 Arrangements made by employers and employees that are superior to those provided for by the Act shall be respected.The Act is applicable to civil servants, educational personnel and military personnel, provided that, Articles 33, 34 and 38 of the...

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Experiencing a Da'an seaside trip

Following Emperor Jiaqing on his magical journeyExperiencing a Da'an seaside tripWords by Cai Jin-dingTranslated by Anna YangPhotos by Reflection PhotographyThough many have heard of Taipei's Da'an District, fewer are aware of the one in Taichung--which happened to be voted online as the most remote district of Taichung earlier this year. Historically, however, this place was one of the main Chinese immigrant entry points around 300 years ago and a trading harbor between the island and China. Ac...

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