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Jointly safeguarding public safety in Taichung! Taichung City Government commends brave MRT passengers; Mayor Lu praises: City heroes

Group photo
Group photo

Recently, there was a knife attack on the Taichung MRT. To show appreciation for the citizens who courageously intervened and stopped the attacker and preventing more harm, the Taichung City Government honored these heroes at a city council meeting today (4th). Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen presented them with rewards for lifetime free rides on the MRT and money for their assistance in solving the case. Mayor Lu praised them as “heroes protecting the city,” highlighting the bravery of 17 passengers who promptly acted to fight crime and protect others during the incident, calling their actions “truly remarkable.”

Mayor Lu said that of the 17 heroes, 9 were present today, while 6 couldn't attend, and 2 were foreign tourists who have already declined the honor and left Taiwan. Each hero received a lifetime honor card for free rides on the MRT, which will be specially made and delivered by the city government once ready. The Police Department has allocated rewards ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 NTD based on each individual's contribution to solving the case. The Taichung MRT Corporation will cover all medical expenses, and private organizations are providing cosmetic and medical assistance. Mayor Lu expressed gratitude on behalf of Taichung's citizens, the city government, and the Taichung MRT Corporation to these 17 heroes for their bravery in protecting Taichung people and maintaining public safety.

Before the city council meeting today, 4 of the Taichung MRT heroes were interviewed: Mr. Hsu (Long-Haired Man), Mr. Wang (Shorts Man), Mr. Lai (Umbrella Man), and Mr. Hsiao (Black-Clothed Man). They each received a 20,000 NTD reward and a lifetime honor card for free MRT rides for solving the case. Mr. Hsu, known as the Long-Haired Man, fought and disarmed the suspect, surnamed Hung, in the train car without any weapons. Despite his injuries, he restrained the suspect to protect other passengers. During his interview, he mentioned that his actions were instinctive and thanked everyone for their praise on social media. He also quoted a line from the Japanese anime Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End: “If it were Himmel, he would have done the same.”

Mr. Wang, known as the Shorts Man, is over 60 years old but still joined Mr. Hsu in fighting and disarming the suspect. When Hung was subdued by the crowd, Mr. Wang quickly used the back of the knife to strike Hung's arm and prevent further threats. During an interview, Mr. Wang explained that the situation was urgent. He saw Mr. Hsu injured and struggling with the suspect, and when he noticed the knife, he immediately moved to disarm the suspect, hoping to block the threat and protect the people behind him.

During the incident, Mr. Lai, known as the Umbrella Man, courageously approached and used his umbrella to help subdue the suspect, Hung. He described the situation as chaotic and said that his intention was to assist in disarming the suspect. Mr. Lai added that he typically relies on public transportation for his daily commute, and the day after the incident, he still took the MRT. He now feels reassured seeing police and security personnel onboard.

During the interview, Mr. Hsiao, also known as the Black-Clothed Man, said that his response at the scene was spontaneous, driven solely by the desire to immediately stop the suspect's actions and prevent further harm. When he and his wife witnessed the suspect breaking free from the control of Mr. Hsu and Mr. Wang and continuing to pose a threat, Mr. Hsiao courageously intervened without hesitation, seized the suspect's arm holding the knife, and restrained him against the train car door.

Several awardees who attended the event included Miss Liu, known as the Black-Clothed Woman, who swiftly assisted in restraining and disarming the suspect when she saw Mr. Hsiao restraining him against the train car door to prevent further harm. Miss Kelly, known as the Blue-Clothed Lady, also acted quickly to help restrain the suspect in the same situation. Mr. Huang, known as the Photographer, was documenting the incident with videos inside the train car, which were shared online and aided in vigilance, supporting police investigations. Miss Lin Kao, known as the Pink-Clothed Woman, and Miss Liu, known as the Pink-Dressed Woman, assisted in maintaining vigilance at the scene, facilitating the quick apprehension of the suspect by the police.

During today’s city council meeting, the city government honored these city heroes: Mr. Hsu (Long-Haired Man received a MRT card and a 20,000 NTD reward; Mr. Wang (Shorts Man) received a MRT card and a 20,000 NTD award; Mr. Lai (Umbrella Man) received a MRT card and a 20,000 NTD reward; Mr. Hsiao (Black-Clothed Man) received a MRT card and a 20,000 NTD reward; Miss Liu (Black-Clothed Woman) received a MRT card and an 8,000 NTD reward; Miss Kelly (Blue-Clothed Lady) received a MRT card and an 8,000 NTD reward; Mr. Huang (Photographer) received a MRT card and a 5,000 NTD reward; Miss Lin (Pink-Clothed Woman) received a MRT card and a 5,000 NTD reward; and Miss Liu (Pink-Dressed Woman) received a MRT card and a 5,000 NTD reward.

To express gratitude to these courageous Taichung MRT heroes, they will receive Lifetime Honor Cards. The Taichung MRT Corporation noted that the card's design centers on the MRT network routes, with the main visual incorporating colorful arrangements of the short, medium, and long-term routes to illustrate the aesthetic of the design. This showcases the MRT Corporation's commitment to sustainable operation, aiming to provide passengers with lifelong public transportation services. The card features a gold MRT logo to emphasize a sense of prestige, representing a model of enduring honor.

  • Data update: 2024-06-17
  • Publish Date: 2024-06-11
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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