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Market Introduction

The functions of the retail markets are strengthened through convenience and local residents liking to shop there. This is helpful for setting a good example for national benchmark markets. On the other hand, we will accomplish a target to become an international tourism market in the future by exploring the unique culture and landscape in traditional markets, actively guiding Jian Guo Morning Market to move towards a tourism market and by matching up the globalization in Taichung.

1. The centurial celebration in the Second Market, Taichung shows the prosperity and magnificence in history again.
Since the Second Market is going to celebrate its centennial in 2017, Taichung City Government is going to take place in a series of centennial events and design a variety of thematic promotion activities in the Second Market between 2016 and 2017, including the connection of the itinerary, the activities for the world record and so on to preserve and develop those centurial prosperity and magnificence that can revive the central district in Taiwan.

The Second Market was built in 1917 and the core of the building is a hexangular main building in the center. The shape of the building is a tri-winged radial pattern and it was an iconic building at that time. Since The Second Market is nearly 100 years old, we are going to strengthen the nostalgic building, which is full of history, and the feature of the snack fair through improving hardware to show a clear and light environment for shopping. In addition, we would like to develop a market that is full of nostalgic ancient smells and rebuild the beauty of the building in the old downtown to take the lead in developing the old downtown and build the vision of the Newtown-in-Town.

2. Build The First Square to become the ASEAN Square
The First Square is located in the transportation hub of the central area in Taiwan, so it features convenient transportation. It has become the best place for foreign workers in the middle area to get together and do the shopping in their leisure time. The shops around there have also gradually transformed to sell necessities, food and services for foreign workers to comply with the market mechanism, due to the change of the target consumer. For those reasons, the business district of the First Square emits thick southeastern folk custom and has become the center of flow of southeastern culture.

“The beauty of the rainbow is the existence of different colors together and the beauty of Taichung is the diversity and common prosperity.” Taiwan is an immigrant society and we would like to let new migrants feel a sense of belonging by building the ASEAN Square as a wonderful place for new migrants. In addition, we would like to build Taichung as a living capital. We hope to not only create the abundant recreation in the environment, but also show the friendliness of people in Taichung. In order to improve the old environment, the public order around and other issues in The First Square, Taichung City Government reorganizes and build The First Square as “ASEAN Square” to enhance the cultural cultivation of Taichung by blending in the immigrant culture. By this reorganization, more citizens can enjoy the beauty of the new immigrant culture.

3. Develop the markets in the old downtown-Build The Third Market as a “Cultural Creativity Market” and The Fifth Market as a “Literature Market”
“The Third Consumption Market” was set up in 1922 and it became a market because a few farmers got together to sell vegetables and mountain food from the early beginning. The scale of The Third Market was certain in 1974.Since The Third Market is near Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park, Taichung City Government was relocated it as a “Cultural Creativity Market.” Taichung City Government will improve the hardware to attract the dealers of the cultural creativity for coming here and running their business. When we hold activities in Taichung Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in the future, The Third Market will hold promotion activities by matching those activities to attract more consumers to infuse new life into the market.

4. The Fifth Market was set up in a place where everyone made pickles in the early period. In the 1960s, the stores and stands were set up in the middle of the market and the whole Fifth Market started to work. At that time, besides The Second Market, The Fifth Market played an important role for supply. The Fifth Market is known as “The Fifth Department Store” and it is still an important market in the central and western district of Taichung City. The Fifth Market attracts many tourists because the nearby Literature Museum has opened, and it is near the Taichung Literature Museum, Painted Animation Lane and Budokan Martial Arts Hall. The Fifth Market can connect with nearby scenic spots and markets and develop the tourism of the market. Taichung City Government is actively planning the Literary Walk and it defines The Fifth Market as a “Literature Market.”

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