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Summer special education fad – Teachers of inclusive special education classes prepared their courses together

During the summer vacation, there was an activity specially designed for special education – “2017 Summer Special Education Fad.” This summer camp was held in the mountain city in Taichung, launching the fads of “zero refuse; full participation.”

The activity – “Summer Special Education Fad” has been held at Shicheng Elementary School, Dongshi for four years. Also named as “Special Education Fad,” it aims to summon different sectors in the society to engage in special education. It is hoped to create fads in the field. This summer camp was originally held to provide activities for children with specials needs from the mountainous and remote areas during the season. Summoned by a group of teachers specialized in special education at Shicheng Elementary School, it has attracted many teachers from different places in Taiwan to join this activity. They collaborate to sponsor these holiday activities for children with special needs. During the camp teachers endeavor in professional growth and exchange, developing into a professional exchange platform for special education. In this year, with the financial support from the Department of Teacher and Art Education and the Special Education Section, Department of Education, it has developed into a professional growth activity – “Special Education Teachers Autonomous Class Preparation” camp.

In the “Summer Special Education Fad” this year, 18 special education teachers gathered together to conduct activities for 24 students with special needs from the age of 3 to 17. It also attracted about 20 volunteers to participate, giving them help. The two-week activity, from August 7 to August 18, led by the Section Chief Cai Xin-nan of Zhong Ming Elementary School, 11 special education teachers had designed teaching materials in advance. After discussion, modification, and demonstration in class, they completed 12 set of teaching materials for special education with different themes. These materials are specially designed for inclusive special education class, becoming the side products of the “Summer Special Education Fad” this year. We would also like to thank the dedication of about 50 people from different sectors to make this meaningful activity possible.
Film link: https://youtu.be/p78lYTU0gxc
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  • Publish Date: 2017-09-13
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