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5 Schools in Taichung City Selected as Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Most Beautiful Family Reading Station

AnHe Junior High School utilizes large windows to let in natural light – Creating a café-like, comfortable reading environment
AnHe Junior High School utilizes large windows to let in natural light – Creating a café-like, comfortable reading environment
MOE recently held the 2019 Most Beautiful Family Reading Station in the Country selection, which saw participation from 299 senior and junior high schools nationwide. In total, 5 schools from Taichung City including Dadu Elementary School, Xitun Elementary School, AnHe Junior High School, Wen-Hua Senior High School, and HuiWen High School were selected for the award. According to Education Bureau Director-General Chen-sheng Yang, the city hall has invested NT$230 million in support of the central government's Foresight Program, helping schools to improve their existing libraries or construct new ones. Besides providing school teachers and students with a high-quality reading space, the school's library resources may also be used by community residents to make the community family reading station the perfect place to fuel the spiritual growth of the citizens and students.

According to the Education Bureau, the community family reading station is a reading resource sharing station created by schools and communities. For instance, Xitun Elementary School has divided the Western Xidadun Reading Aesthetics Hall into a reading area, art performance area, teaching collaborative preparation, leisure area, picture book, and anime reading area, and digital reading area in order to cater to the needs of different readers. Furthermore, the bureau has collaborated with parent storytellers in schools to launch a wide range of reading activities.

AnHe Junior High School and HuiWen High School focused on the independent learning of senior high school students to transform the library into a premium, comfortable reading space by combining the characteristics of eslite bookstores and cafes. Moreover, they have promoted diverse reading through diverse dimensions such as international education, workshop, and theme book exhibitions.

The Education Bureau commented that in relation to aesthetics, Dadu Elementary School has integrated ferry station, the historical image of Dadu to design the ship, nautical chart, and starfish chair-shaped reading spaces. It is hoped that children will be able to keep abreast of international trends and acquire a global perspective via reading. Furthermore, in upholding the philosophy of Ongoing and Uninterrupted Reading, the facility stays open every Monday morning during the winter and summer vacation. Everyone is welcome to read at the reading station, senior citizens and new residents are invited to make use of the family reading station when taking classes at the extension school in order to engage in diverse teaching and reading activities.

In supporting the 2019 course outline, Wen-Hua Senior High School turned its library into a diverse learning space encompassing independent learning, reading promotion and community family reading attributes. The school has invited teachers, students, and mom volunteers to brainstorm with professional art teachers to successfully blend old furniture into the new environment through the application of color design, illumination, and lighting design, as well as the improvement of circulation and quality. As a result, a peaceful, harmonious environment is created, retaining the old stained glass that was installed since the building was first constructed as the main visual focus of the green wall, symbolizing the continuing of the scholarly heritage.

According to Wen-Hua Senior High School Principal Fu-tsai Ho, the family reading station campaign not only enhances the teachers and students' willingness to come to the library, but it is also open at night time to encourage community residents to read, thereby strengthening the bond between the schools and the community.

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