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The results of Ministry of Education’s National Reading Excellence Awards are released, and Taichung City ranks first in the country in terms of the rate and number of awards won!

The team of Dadun Elementary School
The team of Dadun Elementary School

The results of the Ministry of Education's 2023 National Reading Excellence Awards for schools and individuals have been announced, and Taichung City has won a total of 17 awards, once again ranking first in the country in terms of both the rate and number of awards won! Five schools in Taichung City were awarded the Reading Rock Schools Award. Seven junior high and elementary school teachers won the “Individual Award of Reading Promotion,” and five groups won the “Group Award of Reading Promotion,” demonstrating outstanding performance!

Education Bureau Director Wei-min Jiangsaid that Mayor Xiu-yan Lu places great importance to reading education, and the Education Bureau actively provides resources to improve the quality and quantity of reading in each school. In terms of quality, through the establishment of the Reading Education Counseling Team, which is the first in the country, the team leads teachers to plan reading courses, design assessment activities, and provides customized consultation services to schools. In terms of quantity, schools are actively encouraged to set up “library teachers” in order to showcase their reading achievements by improving both quality and quantity.

The Education Bureau pointed out that the 5 schools that received the “Reading Rock Schools Award” this time include Li Ren Junior High School, Waipu Junior High School, Nantun Elementary School in Nantun District, Huludun Elementary School in Fengyuan District, and Dadun Elementary School in Nantun District. The 7 individuals who won the “Individual Award of Reading Promotion” are Qiao-ping Wang, a teacher at Wuguang Elementary School in Wuri District, Ying-da Chen , the principal of Dayang Elementary School in Qingshui District, Wenq-ing Liao, the director of Guoan Elementary School in Xitun District, Hong-wei Xu, a teacher at Guangzheng Junior High School, Rui-fen Lai , a teacher at Shangfeng Elementary School in Daya District, Xiao-wen Lin, a teacher at Juren Junior High School, and Wen-hong Luo , a teacher at Huilai Elementary School in Xitun District.

The Education Bureau further pointed out that the winners of the “Reading Promotion Group Award” are the Wai-Pu Elementary School Library Volunteer Team in Wai-Pu District, the Xitun Elementary School-Xitun Story Parents Group in Xitun District, the Shang-An Elementary School Volunteer Team in Xitun District, the Xi Xi Branch of the City Library, and the Ruei Jing Elementary School Reading Volunteer Team in Dadu District.

The principal of Liren Junior High School, which received the “Reading Rock Schools Award” in the junior high school category, Mr. Fu-nan Shu, shared that the school has implemented a reading curriculum called “Heartlight Triple Reading GO - Liren Excellent Readers”. Through this program, the school has accumulated students' “creativity, cooperation, action, endurance, and foresight” to achieve the vision of “super-reading oneself, reading the issues of the city, and reading the world.”

The principal of Waipu Junior High School, also a recipient of the “Reading Rock School Award - Junior High School Group,” Cheng-di Lin, said that reading education is like the Tai Chi of yin and yang, where reading and thinking complement each other. The school's “Reading with Joy at Waipu, Cultivating New Horizons” reading curriculum aims to lead students from an unpleasant experience of reading to a joyful one, then to a cross-boundary reading experience, and finally to a deep immersion in reading. This helps establish students' local identity and confidence, cultivate their international perspectives, and use reading to open the door to the world.

The principal of Nantun Elementary School, which received the “Reading Rock School Award - Elementary School Group,” Mr. Cheng-hsien Tsai, pointed out that promoting reading is a beautiful journey. The school's reading curriculum, “Walking and Reading in Nantun, Illuminating the Carps,” serves as a guide to explore local culture. The program aims to inspire children's curiosity and interest in exploring the world through “falling in love with reading, learning to read, and enjoying reading.”

The principal of Huludun Elementary School in Fengyuan District, Zhi-ming Ke, who also received an award, shared that Fengyuan was once known as “Huludun,” so Huludun Elementary School has a mission of inheriting, sustaining, and innovating. The school has implemented the “Love Reading Huludun, Crossing into a New World” reading program, which cultivates students' textual reading ability, self-learning ability on the Internet, and future competitiveness through dual-reading, technology-aided reading, and beauty-appreciation reading. The program makes reading a highlight of Huludun and opens up a new reading world for students.

The principal of Da Dun Elementary School in Nantun District, which also received the award, Yuan-Hu iLin, stated that reading ability is competitiveness. Since its establishment, the school has included reading as a school-based curriculum, and has designed the “Da Dun Reading Love, Dream Sailing” program to guide students in using reading strategies to learn. The program also aims to cultivate students' feelings of love and warmth through reading, and encourages them to engage in the reading of multiple texts, digital platforms, and interdisciplinary manner, making reading a part of their daily lives. The school hopes to deepen students' sustainable reading skills through independent exploration.

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