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The bureau is equipped with seven sections, four offices and a center including Fire Prevention Section, Disaster Rescue Section, Emergency Medical Service Section, Fire Investigation Section, Training and Education Section, Dangerous Goods Management Section, Disaster Management Section, Civil Service Ethics Office, Secretary Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office and Emergency and Rescue Command Center which are under the jurisdiction of Director, Deputy Director, Chief Secretary and Senior Technical Specialist.

In addition, it is equipped with fifty-one branches and a medical service team,a rescue dog team, including the first corps: Fengyuan Branch, Tanzi Branch, Daya Branch, Shengang Branch, Touqiancuo Branch. The second corps: Dongshi Branch, Xinshe Branch, Heping Branch, Shigang Branch, Lishan Branch,Shuangqi Branch, Guguan Branch. The third corps: Wuri Branch, Taiping Branch, Wufeng Branch, Zhongshan Branch, Renhua Branch, Dali Branch, Shijiujia Branch, Xinan Branch, Chelungpu Branch. The fourth corps: Wuqi Branch, Lifen Branch, Longjing Branch, Shalu Branch, Qingshui Branch, Dadu Branch, Qingquan Branch. The fifth corps: Youshi Branch, Daan Branch, Houli Branch, Dajia Branch, Waipu Branch. The sixth corps: Nantun Branch, Xiehe Branch, Liming Branch, Chunshe Branch, Industrial District Branch. The seventh corps: Zhonggang Branch, Xinyi Branch, Central District Branch, Qingong Branch, Dongying Branch, Medical Service Team. The eighth corps: Beitun Branch, Wenchang Branch, Shuinan Branch, Siping Branch, Dongshan Branch and further set up a special rescue corps: Xitun Branch, Guoguang Branch, Dacheng Branch,Search and rescue dog team.

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  • Data update: 2024-04-13
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-15
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 1969