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Install residential fire alarms- Protect your family from fire.

居家防火安全守護神 「住宅用火災警報器」
居家防火安全守護神 「住宅用火災警報器」

With residential fire alarms installed, residents can discover a fire sooner, react immediately, escape in time and lower the damage and loss caused by fire.

I. Regulations concerning the installation of the residential fire alarms:

According to the Article 6 of the Fire Services Act, the administrators of hotels, sites of senior citizens’ social welfare and the places announced by the central regulating authority, without automatic fire alarm installation, should provide and maintain residential fire alarms.
II. Places to install residential fire alarms:
(1) Rooms where people sleep (Bedrooms).
(2) Kitchens.
(3) Staircases.
1. The floors where bedrooms are located, but refuge floors are excluded.
2. The floor below a refuge floor, if the bedrooms are located in the refuge floors only.

(4) Hallway if the building has more than 5 rooms larger than 7 square meters on any floor but not included in the aforementioned 3 paragraphs; staircases if there is no hallway.

(Note: Places with automatic fire alarms are free from installing residential fire alarms.)

  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2016-07-15
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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