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Taichung Tzu Chih Lions Club donated a fire police car to raise anti-disaster effectiveness

自治獅子會捐贈消防警備車 期提升防救災效能
自治獅子會捐贈消防警備車 期提升防救災效能

The Taichung Tzu Chi Lions Club, Lions Club International District 300-C1, donated today (12th) 1 fire police car that is worth 790,000NT to the 8th Division of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government in order to raise anti-disaster effectiveness. President Tien-kuei Weng and the new Chairman, Yao-hsun Lu, donated on behalf of the Lions Club, while Director of Fire Bureau Huan-chang Hsiao received the donation on behalf of the Bureau. Director Hsiao gave Lions Club a certificate of appreciation as a token of gratitude. In the meantime, Director Hsiao recognized their effort for supporting local fire service. City Councilor Ming-yuan Hsieh as well as volunteer firefighters and promotional staff also attended the ceremony.

According to the Fire Bureau, Taichung Tzu Chih Lions Club acknowledged that the firefighting departments have been burdened with heavier and heavier duties and that the consumption rate and the repair rate of the fire engines have risen consequently. In order to improve public welfare, support the society and live up to the philosophies, on which the Lions Club was founded, The Taichung Tzu Chih Lions Club contacted the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government and showed their willingness to donate fire police vehicles.

The members of the Lions Club are elites from all walks of life. In addition to standing out in their own fields, they are more than willing to participate actively in social services. The Lions Club has organized numerous blood donation campaigns, charity concerts and fundraising campaigns to support disadvantaged children and poverty-stricken families. Two years ago, the Lions Club donated a vehicle to the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation for home visits. This year they donated a fire police car, contributing to society and realizing the philosophy of “Take from society and give back more to society”.

According to Director Hsiao, Chairman Lu lives a low profile, simple life, and is always busy with his business. However, he spares no effort in contributing to local people. He not only has been serving as a consultant for the volunteer firefighters of Dongshan Branch for a long time but also funded numerous charitable activities in Beitun District. As the Lions Club actively participates in local charitable activities, Taichung’s anti-disaster capacity will increase, and more people will contribute more resources to anti-disaster services.

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  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2016-12-02
  • Source: Fire Bureau
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