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Firefighting Drill at Taiwan HSR Wurih Depot


In collaboration with the self-defense fire-fighting drill for the second half of 2016 conducted at Taiwan HSR Wurih Depot, Xinan Branch of the 3rd Corps of the Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government has headed to the depot site for participation in the drill event at 13:00pm on November 22nd.
The drill this time was held with a situation where the tea room on the second floor was on fire. The staff immediately activated the self-defense firefighting drill operation to report the emergency according to the protocol, while also conducting personnel evacuation broadcasting, preliminary fire extinguishing and relevant emergency operations, as well as calling 119 to contact the Fire Bureau. After assuming the disaster has continued to expand, all staff were evacuated immediately with the fire source an power source been cut off, as well as intercepting the gas pipelines to wait for the fire fighters for rescue. Meanwhile, the indoor and outdoor fire hydrants of the plant area are provided to collaborate with the Fire Bureau for the rescue.
After on site observation, the drill this time was conducted with early warnings, and majority of all participating personnel in the drill have completed their various actions according to the tasks given during the drill period. Besides reviewing the pros and cons of the drill process on site, Xinan Branch also instructed the fire-fighting personnel regarding the operation of various fire extinguishing facilities, as well as the correct concepts of installment and maintenance. It is believed that through irregular joint fire-fighting drill events, both parties will be capable of applying their emergency reaction skills when faced with disasters in the future, thereby effectively enhancing the safety for the staff working at the depot.

  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2017-01-10
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 311