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Fire accidents caused by inappropriate use of mosquito coil incense


Mosquito coil incense is the most commonly used tool for getting rid of mosquitoes in households. Since the lit up part of the incense is relatively small and produces no flame, it is classified as a “minute flame source.” Such sources of flame don’t usually ignite flammables instantly. A span of ignition time is needed before causing flammables to burn; as such, immediate awareness is difficult. Since fires are often caused by negligence, we couldn’t be too cautious when using mosquito coil incenses!

I. 2012 fire accident:
A neighbor was arriving home during the time of the fire, saw smoke coming from the second storey window of the affected house, and proceeded to report this case immediately. The recorded deposition by its resident said: “I lit up the mosquito coil incense 10 minutes before the accident happened. The clothes hanging behind the door might have dropped when I closed the door, and accidentally caused the fire...” While cleaning and restoring the scene of the accident, burnt and carbonized clothing was found behind the door, and a small segment of coil was left unburned in the incense plate on the ground. Therefore, the possibility of the leftover incense being the fire source is not excluded.

II. Preventive measures:
1. Lit mosquito coil incense should be placed on a metal stand, with the stand in a non-flammable box to prevent the incense from falling onto carpets and other flammables when it loses balance or breaks while burning. Incenses should never be placed directly on the ground.
2. Mosquito coil incense should not be placed around flammables such as mosquito nets, blankets, and clothing. It should be placed at a certain distance from furniture and beds to prevent blankets and clothing hanging on the closet from falling onto the incense.
3. Use caution to preventing incense sparks from blowing away while using a fan, and you should also keep flammables such as clothing from being blown onto the incense.
4. Keep in mind the concept of “putting out flames when you leave”. Use mosquito coil incense only when there is someone in the room. Remember to snuff out the incense if you are leaving. It is better to douse the burning part of the incense to confirm the flame is out, in order to prevent fire accidents from happening.

  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2017-02-08
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 367