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Fire Bureau commences EMT Paramedic (EMTP) training in response to 2018 world flora expo

因應2018世界花博 消防局開辦高級救護技術員(EMTP)訓練
因應2018世界花博 消防局開辦高級救護技術員(EMTP)訓練

Taichung World Flora Exposition will be held in 4 locations from November 3, 2018 to April 24, 2019, including: Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park, Waipu Yongfong Park Area and Fengyuan Huludun Park Area, totaling 173 days. During the expo, tourists will flock into Taichung City and various accidents and emergency medical services may overburden the existing emergency services’ capacity. In order to increase the number of EMT paramedics, Fire Bureau of Taichung City Government has organized EMTP training from June 5, 2017 to January 20, 2018, and new EMTPs will be stationed in units near the flora expo areas and train stations during the flora expo in order to serve the public. The aim is to improve the quality of out-of-hospital emergency care service and protect the lives and properties of people.
Since this is the first EMTP training conducted in Taichung City, the opening ceremony was held at the Chunshe Branch at 08:00 on June 5. Fire Bureau Director Huan-chang Hsiao made an appearance to encourage the cadets, hoping they will be able to absorb additional emergency medical services related expertise and hone their skills during the seven-and-a-half-months training. They are also expected to gain a more in-depth understanding and self-confidence about the works involved as paramedics before applying what they have learnt after returning to their posts. In doing so, the quality of out-of-hospital emergency care service and public satisfaction can be improved significantly, in turn offering more comprehensive protection for the lives and health of Taichung citizens.

  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2017-06-19
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 296