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Regulations for connected LPG gas cylinders in the shopping district and promotion of safety measures taken in case of gas leakage


In light of massive casualties caused by gas explosion and fire in the Fengjia shopping district, in the afternoon of July 23, 2017, Seventh Corps Central District Branch conducted the promotion of regulations for connected LPG gas cylinders and safety measures taken in case of gas leakage along the streets of Yizhong shopping district. The team was led by squad leader Liao and accompanied by the Women Disaster Prevention Promotion Brigade; in conjunction with Supervisor Kuo of Yizhong shopping district, they explained to the store owners about the purposes of the event, which were threefold:
(1) Venues with a total of 80kg of LPG gas cylinders or more: Assistance should be offered on related safety measures and limitations on the quantity of reserve LPG gas cylinders should be promoted.
(2) Venues with less than 80kg of LPG gas cylinders: Administrative guidance should be offered, recommending the proprietor to install anti-tip device to ensure safety. Furthermore, imitations on the quantity of reserve LPG gas cylinders should be promoted.
(3) Gas leakage emergency protocol: Turn off the stove, shut down the gas, open the window and call emergency services.
LPG is a clean, convenient and economical form of energy, but accidents are bound to happen if it is incorrectly or negligently used. Consequently, knowledge about gas safety, gas equipment maintenance and inspection as well as emergency response is essential for the general public, because safety relies on everyone’s efforts, let us all contribute towards gas safety.

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  • Data update: 2019-01-22
  • Publish Date: 2017-08-04
  • Source: Fire Bureau
  • Hit Count: 318